The Wrotters is a friendly club located in Gorredijk and attracts rugby players from its village as from its surrounding communities. The Wrotters is one of the four rugby associations in the province of Friesland. It is quit unique that a small village like Gorredijk (only 7000 inhabitants) has its own semi-professional rugby team. The first team is competing in the 2nd division of the Northern Dutch Rugby Federation. The team became champion of the 3rd division during the 2007/2008 season. The team includes both a hard core of young and ambitious rugby players completed by some, now slightly balding, older players.

The second team competes in the 4th division of the Northern Dutch Rugby Federation. The team is recently formed to start in the 2008/2009 season. The second team is made of novice rugby players and enthusiastic ladies and is supplemented with some older members.

The club’s future lies in the number of young rugby players (10 - 16 years). In the near future the aim of the club is to have its own competing junior teams. Currently the youth plays in a combined session with other surrounding rugby teams.

The Wrotters are in the possession of a recently renovated clubhouse. The dressing rooms are very spacious and the home-playing dressing room has a giant bathtub for the complete team. The playing field in Gorredijk is officially sized and approved for official matches. The field is, compared to some other rugby fields in the north, well playable during bad weather conditions. The club is the proud owner of a professional "Predator" Scrum machine. This all would obviously not be possible without the sponsorship of local entrepreneurs.

Every year The Wrotters play a few matches abroad. In recent years The Wrotters went to Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, England and Scotland.

It should be clear that the club is heading forward in full speed, full of enthusiasm and friendship. Nevertheless the club is depending on spectators, supporters and potential new members. If you think the noble sport of rugby is a sport for you, please get your information by contacting us at the clubhouse "Kortezwaag" in Gorredijk.

You can also contact our President Johan Teake Dekker by sending an e-mail to voorzitter@wrotters.com